I have a problem on my online purchase

On the new web site you can download a photo (less than 1Mo) with jpg, bmp, gif, png, format. You can also change the size of the photo (if it is a group photo you can zoom on yourself or readjust the photo where you are alone). No need to scan your ID photo, take any group or family picture and zoom on yourself. Be careful, the picture needs to be recent and without sunglasses or cap/helmet.vvv

The website uses 3D secure system. It is a secured payment protocol on internet to improve the reliability of payment for customers. 3D secure system sends on your mobile a fixed code, an unique code…etc it depends on your bank. With this system your bank is sure that it is you that has paid on this particular web site. This code has to be entered in a limited amount of time due to security issues.
3 possibilities that could be the reason of a rejected payment:

You haven’t entered your code in time. The payment is then cancelled. If you didn’t receive 3D secure code from your bank then phone your bank custom service.
Your bank card can pay a bill over a certain amount. Phone your bank custom service for more information.
If it still doen’t work, please call our customer service at 00 33 4 50 21 57 10 or email us at

When I was ordering my skipass, I typed in the wrong keycard number; the wrong date or I chose the wrong skipass, please contact the customer department +33 (0) or send an email with a precise explanation of your request at

To reload your skipass online, use the numbers at the back of your skipass beginning with 01-(20 numbers- 1 number). Whatever is written on your last years skipass (2013/2014, A, E, D, P…), it’s the chip that will be charged depending on which skipass you buy. We will only send you “coupons ski découverte”.

If you reload your skipass before the 30/11, we will send you your “coupons ski decouverte” between 01/11 and 05/12. Nevertheless you can still check on your (customer) account if your order has been treated.

I have a question on the consumer category

It is not possible to buy skipasses for under 5 years old and over 80 years old on the website. Skipasses are discounted for people of these ages; to get skipasses for these age categories you need to go to the cashier/desk with proof of age (ID card or passport).

If for example your 5th, 15th, 65th or 80th birthday is during the time of your skipass validity, what is taken into account is the date of your first day of skiing: if your skipass is from the 08/02/2023 until the 16/02/2023 and you will be 15 years old as from the 09/02/2023, you will pay for a 5-14 year old skipass. It is the same principle for a season or year skipass: if your 5th birthday is after the opening of the resort, you are still part of the under 5 year old category.
However, if your 5th birthday is before the opening of the resort, you will need to buy a season skipass for the 5-14 year old category.

I have a question on the delivery time

If your skipasses has not been delievred before you leave for your holidays (delievery time 10 days), please contact the customer department +33 (0) send an email with a precise explanation of your request at

Please check that you ordered your skipasses (keycards will be sent to your adress) and not a skipass reload (when you reload your skipass no keycard will be sent, it is the chip in your previous keycard that will be reloaded).

If you reload your skipass (only if you already have a keycard), it will be automatically reloaded, therefore you could even do it the minute before your first day of skiing.

If you do not possess keycards, you can order online to get web special offers and pick-up your skipasses to our resort pick-up point. Thus you can order online until the day you want to ski and you can avoid cash desk queue ! Pick up points “SKIPASS EXPRESS” are available at Megève tourism office, Chamois Gondaola (Megève center), Rochebrune Cable car (1st floor of the building), Mont d’Arbois Gondola (facing cash desks), Princesse Gondola (next to the cash desk)

Payment 3X free of charge - Details

Payment 3X free of charge is valid only for online orders made on before November the 30th of the current year for the following ski passes : EVASION Mont Blanc season and annual passes, MONT BLANC Unlimited season and annual passes.

3X free of charge payment is available for some ski passes but not all of them before November the 30th of the current year. For example, if you wish to purchase an Evasion Ski season pass (3X free of charge available) and an Evasion Liberté Ski 7 days (3X free of charge not available), this payment option will not be proposed.

Thus if you wish to get the 3X free of charge payment, you will have to make 2 different orders. In the first one, add the ski passes concerned by the 3X free of charge payement and in the second one the other ski passes not available with this payment facility.

A 3X free of charge payment is valid only if all the ski passes in the order are available in 3X free of charge payment.

In this case, the first payment is due when you make the order and it correspond to 50% of the order total amount

The second payment which correspond to 25% of the order total amount is due on December the 11th and the third payment which correspond to 25% of the order total amount is due on january the 11th.

(cf General terms and conditions)

I have a question on the loyalty program

Check that you have typed in the right keycard number for yourself/your account. The MEDZ points are linked to a certain keycard; if the keycard number is wrong then you won’t be able to collect your medz. This has to be done to EVERY people associated to your account.
On the one hand, if you want to collect MEDZ you need to start your days skiing on one of the lifts in the Megève skiing area*. (*Depending on the Megève Loyalty club terms)
On the other hand, you can only start to collect MEDZ if you buy a minimum of a daily lift pass online.

Get more Medz with sponsorship. You and the sponsorship party will get additional Medz when sponsorship party will buy online its first lift pass on
If you have any problems with MEDZ, please contact the customer service department +33 (0) or send an email with a precise explanation of your request at

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La saison de ski est terminée !

Nous espérons que vous avez profité pleinement de chaque descente sur nos pistes.

Un grand merci pour votre enthousiasme et votre fidélité.

Nous avons hâte de vous retrouver cet été pour de nouvelles aventures en montagne !

À bientôt.