Accessibility for Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM)

In the heart of the Alps, Megève is the ideal resort to discover beautiful landscapes combining an authentic spirit and a large Evasion domain including several domains with magnificent landscapes.

Ski slopes that are wide and suitable for all levels with multiple ski schools that offer supervision for people with reduced mobility!

On this page you will discover the key information that will allow you to make the most of your stay in the Rochebrune and Mont-d’Arbois areas ! Our teams work regularly on devices to make skiing accessible to all, we remain at your disposal to take your comments into account !

1.Prepare your visit

Crédit photo : Wheeled World

> Buy your skipass

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discount on the full adult price ski or pedestrian

Also available in duration (4 hours, 1 to 8 days, season, year…)

For you and your guide (as needed), on presentation of your disability card.

Purchase only at our 4 ticket offices (Rochebrune, Chamois, Mont d’Arbois and Princesse).

> Book your ski lesson and your equipment

> Access the estate by bus

Meg-Bus (free shuttles)

• The Meg’Bus are equipped with a PMR inclined ramp (manually unfolded by the bus driver) capable of supporting a maximum of 350 kg.

• Spacious and secure space reserved for wheelchairs and pushchairs inside the bus (in the direction of traffic).

• Places reserved for seniors.

• Stop button at suitable height which warns the driver of your descent.


• Transport at the request of the Pays du Mont Blanc Community of Communes.

• Vehicles equipped to accommodate people with reduced mobility.

2. How to access the ski area

Adapted for everyone's pleasure

The Princess gondola with its FREE outdoor car park will allow you to park your car in one of the spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility !


Once the pass is in your procession, go to the right of the cash desks to reach a ramp which will allow you to access the ski area.

After leaving your chair downstairs, an agent from our team will help you get into the cabin and your bob / uniski will be put in the cabin before yours!

The “Rochebrune” bus stop has been fitted out (raised sidewalk) to lower the ramp and obtain an incline of less than 15%. If you wish to park in the underground car park, 5 spaces will be reserved for you.

Access is on the same level, with sliding doors and a call bell is located outside, on the far left of the building, to notify the reception staff of your arrival (several steps to access the reception desk). ‘welcome).

The counters are equipped with a sound amplification system.

After taking the elevator, access to the cable car cabin is accessible on one level (cabins spacious enough to be able to rotate 360°).


At the top of the cable car, for more comfort, ask the reception staff for help to accompany you on the quick little climb.

> Mont d’Arbois gondola :

To leave from Mont d’Arbois, we advise you to favor the car (6 outdoor public parking spaces reserved for PMR + indoor underground parking with lift). The “Mont d’Arbois” bus stop is not equipped (sidewalk not raised).

To access the Mont d’Arbois cash desks as well as the start of the Mont d’Arbois gondola, you will have to take the climb which is just opposite the Meg’Bus stop. Automatic doors will ensure 100% independent entry!

The presence of a staircase at the entrance will not allow a person with an armchair the best of experiences, which is why in this case, we advise you to favor another starting point.


> Rocharbois cable car, direction Caboche :

The pedestrian path begins at the Mont d’Arbois car park, where you can take the lift (sufficiently spacious for manual or electric wheelchairs).

At the exit of the elevator, 2 possible options:

by the main entrance of the Rocharbois cable car, which does not allow access with a motor handicap (problem of width of the corridor + obstacle of the turnstile)

– directly by the access to the cabins. The reception staff is trained and aware of disabilities and will be able to accompany you.

The cabins have level access and are spacious enough to rotate 360°.


Timetables and accessibility to the ski lifts

Handiski access legend:

Accessible alone

Accessible only with accompanying person

Accessible alone with difficult climb (steep)

NB: Schedules subject to change due to weather / snow / safety / health conditions.

(1) Closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays outside school holidays

(2) Open only during school holidays

(3) Open only if TK Petit Bois is closed

3. Practical information on the domain

Photo credit : Megève Tourism


Find here the list of restaurants committed to making their establishment accessible to people with disabilities so that they too can savor our fine gastronomy.

Go to the toilet on the estate

Departing from Rochebrune, you will find two toilet areas available to you:

In the car park: they are in the corridor connecting the cashier hall and the underground car park

In the lobby: they are located at the boarding hall of the Rochebrune cable car

When arriving with the Rochebrune cable car, the toilets will be located in front of you on the right side of the Super Megève building.

Located in the caboche hors-sac room.

La caboche is the intersection of all the ski lifts (Chamois, Caboche, Rocharbois)

The toilets are located inside the underground car park, on the ground floor, right next to the elevator.

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